As a small fishing village between the Tramuntana Mountains and the Valldemossa Mediterranean, it has established itself as one of the most acclaimed villages for its natural beauty, its coves and beaches. Visitors who annually turn to them for distractions and fun. Its religious features and ingrained customs make its buildings as religious symbols of the utmost importance. It was placed between one of the most important cultural and religious sites in Mallorca.

Cultural sites
Its natural landscapes make this fishing village a great reference for those who want to enjoy a cultural and religious flood. As well as spacia fully adapted for tourists, decorated streets and buildings with a rich history are the main attractants of this coastal village. Its viewpoints represent one of its most visited sites having the opportunity to make contact with the surrounding nature and obtain at the same time an invaluable view of the whole village and part of the Mediterranean Sea.

As tourist places we have mainly its traditional buildings. La Cartuja de Valldemossa Royal Monastery is part of this conglomerate of historic buildings. In it you can still find large exhibitions of the documents drawn up by the monks of the Carthusian order. As well as personal accessories for daily use, this church is still in excellent condition for your enjoyment. Despite having been built for centuries, another charming place for enjoyment is the hermitage hidden among the forest of Miramar. A small hut among the mountains of the Tramuntana mountain range which shares beautiful buildings and a spectacular view of the place.

Gastronomy of Valldemossa
The excellent food of this small port honors its world-class chef. So he spends some time going through his restaurants. One place worth mentioning is the Quitapenas Valldemossa which has a counter of first class sausages accompanied by agricultural products from the region and all for a reasonable price. There is also the Casa de Sa Miranda a fine restaurant with its lamb and lasagna made with touches of fusion cuisine and some open market simplicity. All this accompanied by a totally delicious view of the sea from the height to which the place is located. Also worthy of inclusion is the most ingrained dessert of this place which is a chocolate floor cake imported with fresh strawberries.

With its beautiful beaches and coves to offer an optimal place to enjoy this small village gives us a special one. The Cala de Sa Marina gives us a beautiful view and a unique tranquility. With soft and fine sands and crystal clear waters it offers us a compendia of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the population. Being isolated from the rest of the beaches is one of the most exclusive and large coves allowing privacy even in high seasons.

Another cultural attraction is the Museum of Frederic Chopin which preserves objects among them of a piano proper to the virtuoso musician who left during his stay in the Charterhouse. Place of residence for an important part of his life.