The Calas de Mallorca are totally natural spaces formed by large quantities of waters that offer an unparalleled natural diversity, they are the biggest attraction for tourists in Mallorca having crystal clear waters and fine sands that grant beauty and glamour, Knowing which of them to go to is extremely complex because there are many and all are spectacular, so in our opinion we will give a brief summary of the best beaches to vacation in Mallorca.

The six best coves in Mallorca

Cala Formentor

Cala Formentor is one of the most outstanding, large areas of nature ideal for bird watching makes it ideal for those who want to have a close natural contact, its incredible cliffs stand out above the whole coast and its crystal clear waters allow to obtain a totally privileged view of the marine fauna, its pine trees and oaks totally autochthonous provide shade during the warm hours and accumulate the refreshing sea breeze, without a doubt one of the best places to summer.


Santanyi has easy and fairly intuitive access by public or private transport, its extension of 80 meters on its main beach and 130 meters wide gives the public the best view and extension to enjoy the sun and water games the most striking are its sunsets, which can be viewed from any of the accommodations offered to the entrances of the same.

The Port of Alcudia

The Port of Alcudia represents one of the largest ports and with the best coves that Mallorca can possess, with the ruins of the city of Pollentia represents not only a beautiful cove but also a historical place of the city, its turquoise waters stand out for their incomparable beauty and its beautiful coves and beaches give a number of unparalleled options as well as restaurants and bars to enjoy the stay.

Sa Calobra

As a beautiful natural amphitheater Sa Calobra offers two coves embedded through cliffs and which has an access through the Tramontana mountain range designed especially for tourists, Its crystal clear waters without waves allow to contemplate this small corner of nature that transmits tranquility and beauty like no other.

Cala Mesquida

The Cala Mesquida is one of the most outstanding among water sports enthusiasts, its total accessibility and with landscape formed by sand dunes that maintains its shape despite the storms of the sea breezes helps to conserve its diversity in terms of seabirds, The rocky bottom of its shores is of vital importance for divers and divers who make this beautiful cove their second home.

Es Trenc

Es Trenc has special fanaticism for those tourists who wish to possess the freedom to sunbathe without repercussions, its cove is totally far from the nearby cities and its access though easy is dedicated only to reach, has fine white sands as well as crystal clear waters that highlight its beauty, its active natural life provides a totally paradisiac place that allows you to have a space away from any worries during the summer holidays.