Since King Jaume I settled in Sa Caleta located in Santa Ponsa, this paradisiac place has been adapted for all types of visitors. It has a totally modern architecture although it still preserves several historical pieces within the city. Its prominent growth has generated a tourist center of great fame. It is characterized by being a familiar place so it is quite visited during the summer holidays mainly. Its coves and beaches as well as its different entertainment and history alternatives make it extremely interesting for many travelers.

Santa Ponsa, a place with history and architectural wonders.

With a view of the mountains around it totally privileged, this charming village provides the best attractions. Large expanses of nature stand out in its geography, the forests are abundant despite being in a warm and cool environment of the mountain. Its counterpart is on its beaches, which provide a large expanse with the main exponents of Playa Grande and Playa Menor. The first offers a considerable extension of more than 500 meters long to join the hikes in the beautiful sunsets. The small one has a shorter route but has the most restaurants that this city has.

One of its main attractions is its golf courses. These offer a distinction and the comfort of being able to enjoy this sport in all its splendor. It also has green areas available to visitors such as the Puig de Galatzó mountain and multitudes of areas for panoramic views.

Markets in Santa Ponsa

The weekly markets on Saturdays are a great distraction and part of the culture of the city. It is presented with different food stalls, indigenous products of the region and also some clothing and accessories. The shops around it make a great choice, are located on its streets and can be quite inexpensive. They offer variety and quality as well as unique attention. The nautical shops are frequent due to the popularity of the sport in this city, you can even get to practice harbour diving in its waters.

What to do in Santa Ponsa

It also has sites equipped for guided tours and cycling routes. You can feed the local flocks of parrots or go to the Sa Morisca Natural Park. If you want something more private you can opt for any day of its specialized Spa center and distributed along the port. With which you can get a full session of therapy with volcanic stones, mud therapy and even anti-stress massages and pain zones.

Restaurants in Santa Ponsa

The restaurants of Santa Ponsa are one of the best in Mallorca as they were founded with the ideal of attracting gastronomic life to the place. They have local food or different international dishes according to the taste of the diners or simply for those who want to feel at home, its incredible buffet of seafood and seafood. As well as the paellas and cakes of Ponsa stuffed with cheese and vegetables typical of the region as well as seafood are a great choice for the palate.