In its beginnings, Puerto Pollensa was nothing more than a simple fishing port. Today it is one of the most attractive ports on the island of Mallorca. With its beautiful beaches of tall palm trees and dense sand, it attracts mainly British tourists who consider it a pleasant holiday destination. It also has a natural diversity and is protected by law. The large scale constructions on the island, its conservative architecture is elegant and quite culturally rooted to the wealthiest families of Pollensa.

Puerto Pollensa is a place full of history and tourist attractions.

In its beginnings this beautiful port was full of quite a lot of fishing activity and was basically built by the additional residents of Pollensa. It currently has about 12,000 inhabitants. With the passage of the decades it became a point of interest for its openness to the sea and its total discretion. Nowadays, the richest families in Madrid have turned it into their second home and managed to make important investments that have made it a place of tourist interest for personalities of the world. During the Spanish Civil War, a runway for seaplanes was built under Franco’s mandate, which still remains today and from where they can be observed from the beach to the current military planes take off.

Nowadays one of its main attractions are its beautiful retreat sites that are derived from those families of people who decided to invest in constructions since the 20th century for their personal enjoyment. The Paseo los Pinos and the Hotel Formentor are the most taken for vacationers’ accommodations enchanted with the glamour of the time. Guests at this hotel included Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin and even Elizabeth Taylor.

Things to do in Puerto Pollensa

As main activities to enjoy this beautiful port to its fullest you can find several cycling tours. Which has become quite important in the region through its popularity in Mallorca. Using the Bocquer Valley you can directly have a route with a totally privileged view of the city center as well as with the sea in the background, as well as the Dry Stone Route allows you to see the rarest species of Eleonora falcons in Europe. Another attraction is the walk to the viewpoint of the old watchtower in Cap de Formentor. Finally we have the Pollensa Golf that offers a nine-hole palm course for intermediate or level golfers who want to have the best experience in this sport in a locality of beautiful places.

Where to eat in Puerto Pollensa

The Stay restaurant offers the best Mediterranean food and even offers fully equipped yacht rentals to enjoy an open sea dinner with the best fresh fish and prawns. They also include a fishing instructor for sport fishing where you can select what will go to your table, its incredible paellas and sea roasts with Iberian shrimp accompanied by an excellent wine from the region is one of its main delicatessen to offer.