When we go to the beaches that Mallorca has during our holidays it is logical to rent a car to be able to move more comfortably between them, we think that due to the climate of the ocean and the island’s atmosphere the bad weather will not be present.

However this is totally ill-advised, the climate can change rapidly and if it is true that for most of the year the weather can be kept sunny in season.

Frost and rain can come quickly from sudden changes in the ocean, so having in mind certain tips when driving under these conditions will make things easier for us and mainly give us the security we need.

Tips to maintain caution against rain and bad weather on the road.

The problem of driving under bad weather conditions is the poor visibility and ability of the vehicle to manoeuvre properly in order to prevent any type of accident.

Basically forcing our senses to stay on the track in a stable manner with our car with the sea breeze whipping the sides and the fat drops hitting the windshield as we reach our destination is something that can harm us all at some point, so having some precautions in these conditions will ensure us a peaceful trip without any eventuality.

Driving at a low speed will give you stability and a lower amount of water in your windscreen so you will consume less fuel and in turn you will have the security of being able to control the vehicle at all times.

Prevent braking and control water

Remember that braking is twice as long under wet pavement conditions so reducing speed will ensure a fairly efficient and safe braking.

Preventing braking and controlling water in the exhaust pipe are other precautions to consider, We must while making the ride brake continuously to test the stability of the brakes generally with the rain water tend to suffer expansion and so make the braking slower and can cause accidents.

It is also advisable to verify that the level of the water on the track does not reach the exhaust pipe, if it happens it must be driven in a slow and slow way so that the low gear does not let water into the engine causing us to be bumpy in the middle of the route.

Better wait before driving

You should consider driving once the rain is over or just wait at least a half hour, even if your visiting hours to the beaches or ports of Mallorca are interrupted, preserving your safety is first

In this first half hour the mud and dirt loosen up like the sand brought by the breeze, this will cause the roads to become slippery or with a sediment of wet sand very dense that would leave you stranded, Just wait for this time and then start the march always paying special attention to those dirt or mud potholes you may encounter on the way.