Located in the east of Mallorca and being one of its most touristic communities, Porto Cristo is a beautiful city that represents all the magic of going to one of the natural ports of the Balearic Islands, Its charming climate makes it unique and its warm waters resting directly in its natural harbour make it one of the best places for those family holidays that are so expected in summer.

Porto Cristo is the best natural port in Mallorca.

With several religious tildes in its history and deriving in its name, this port was once a fishing port and quite busy merchandise, since 1206 d.C with the Christian reoccupation this port was conformed with the name by which it is today recognized, a curious fact of this town are the legends by which its name was derived, an account that at some point a barge floated to the coast, the locals approached the shipwreck with the intention of being able to help but instead found only a crucifix inside the boat, others recount that one day an ox appeared in the middle of the village bearing Christian symbols on its moorings, so one or the other decided to call the city by its current name.

This quite influenced its history because it was the only people that would participate during the Spanish civil war of 1936, despite this the port managed to retain its disposition and today it is a place fully prosperous and rooted in the culture of Mallorca, looking like one of the best places to spend some time relaxing.

The port

In the port we can observe different natural attractions and historical monuments among which we have its Dragon Caves, natural formations throughout the coast through which you can observe and hear clearly the roar of the ocean, also has the Tower des Falcons, basically a watchtower of 1577 that has survived the time as well as the statue of siren found in the Calle San Jorge, then we have the Church of Mare de Deú del Carme which is in the Plaza del Carmen that is the main of the port.

As main activities in this port can be observed a great variety for both families travelers and tourists who want to experience everything you have to offer this port, the Kayak, horseback riding, for diving and sailing are just a few of the activities for which you can choose, as one of its best attractions has guided caving tours to its natural formation caves, And you can also give time to the famous concert they perform weekly in the Dragon Caves on an underground lake conditioned to allow for enviable acoustics, the expert divers also have a large window of distraction on these islands, its beautiful underwater cliffs and caves of underwater formations allow the investigations of those adventurers of the ocean bottom to be infinitely better.

Where to stay in Porto Cristo?

The accommodations are quite inexpensive and with unrivalled service, the hotel Son Mas places a beautiful rural space with the best amenities at the disposal of those guests who get for their services, being one of the most recognized in the port, its sales centers and shops dedicated to the marketing of natural pearls are quite close so you can enjoy these beauties, restaurants serve mainly Mediterranean food but you can always enjoy those such as the Sa Coma bar & lounge which offers a delicious dining experience.