One of the most attractive places in the village of Sóller. Puerto de Sóller is located on the outskirts of the village of Isla de Mallorca. With its tourist attraction, it stands out as one of the most important ports on the island. Also in ancient times because of its excellent location on the east coast of the island, I gave great attraction to those merchants who wished to have a productive sale of their merchandise. Today it offers a number of alternatives for those who enjoy its warm waters and beautiful constructions.

Port of Sóller, one of the most important in Mallorca.

Traditionally this was one of the most important points in the creation of the village of Sóller. Through this, in 1526 there was the first invasion to the island of Mallorca which was stopped thanks to the tenacity of the inhabitants of this town. That through their port they managed to expel those invaders, including pirates, who decided to invade the region. It also has the attraction of being the largest fishing center even today.

The views from the Port of Sóller

Although this port is small its shell shape allows you to have a view of the sea from any angle. Therefore you can easily observe the beautiful buildings of its architecture and count on the incredible historical sites that this beautiful port retains.

As a reference to culture, Puerto Sóller has a lot of sites that you can visit without problems. Its steep streets preserve one of the best architectural works of Sóller, its white lighthouse, the Lighthouse Muleta, has crowned its entrance to the port to alert in the dark the boats that sail its waters. Or the chapel of Santa Catalina that shows its beauty characteristic of the time when it was erected, conserving a beautiful view from the Mirador Santa Catalina to the open sea.

The views from the Port of Sóller

Its touristic tours are incredible, it has two beaches for the enjoyment of its visitors. You also have the walk of Torrent de Pareis and the Dry Stone Route which is one of the best for mountaineers who want to travel all the way from Tramuntana to the port. Without a doubt one of its main attractions for visitors are its aquatic diversions through sports on its bluish coast. Diving in the port and its marine landscape make it the center of such attractions and things to do in the Port of Sóller.

Restaurants in Puerto de Sóller

Something fantastic about Puerto de Sóller is invariably its cuisine. They offer a wide menu of the best seafood in delicious dishes such as paellas and grilled seafood They can also offer the Mediterranean lobster and its delicious marine roasts with the best ingredients of the sea. Best of all, they are totally fresh. You also have the amazing open port restaurants where you can have the beautiful view of the sea at dinner time.


The hostels and hotels in the Port that offer you beach view for dinner.

A rather recommended alternative are their rural farms as lodgings. Which can offer you to change the landscape from beach to mountains as they are located on the outskirts of the port. For those who wish to contemplate this beautiful place from the heights.