The beautiful Port of Andratx has become a corner of this beautiful city that is admired by all its inhabitants and the millions of tourists who visit it annually. With a small population of 4,000, tradition and history prevail in this place, acclaimed all over Europe as one of the best to visit. With an atmosphere of exclusivity they have been given the task of building the perfect place for those who want to stop feeling burdened by the day-to-day.

Characteristics of the Port of Andratx

As one of its main attractions its port formed entirely natural by rock constructions dragged by the tide thousands of years ago during the formation of the island creates an excellent panorama to contemplate the sunset. Also one of its main monuments are being a small town and small population its own people, its traditional fish market fishermen which can be observed early in the morning. If you are one of those early risers, leaving the port for the day’s fishing, you can also see their route and how they use the techniques of withdrawal of fishing in open waters.

In the afternoon you will be able to enjoy their berth at the port and the auction of the fishing they perform daily. This is also quite attractive for those who decide to spend a few days in their fully familiar hostels where you can get the meal of the day by taking it directly from the port. As a distraction among its thousands of possibilities you have at your disposal its Sailing Club in which you can arrive and ask for part of this water sport which has great exponents among the locals and trained instructors.

Its main attractions are.

Its beaches are also a highlight when it comes to spending a pleasant time visiting this port. The beach of Moragues la Cala D Egos and Cala Llamp offer crystal clear waters and fine sand that highlights its beauty between palms and open sea.

Hotels in Puerto de Andratx

The hotel industry in this port is quite remarkable. Being one of their activities with greater economic growth they can offer an enviable attention. As well as luxury facilities what has resulted in the visit of movie stars and personalities among their frequent. Its adaptable qualities make these places extremely attractive lodgings for those who want to make life in this town. Leading even to have a considerable increase in real estate investments for housing acquisition, especially with view to the sea, being a great income for the port.

Port of Andratx offers a unique Cosmopolitan sites that reflect its distinction for those who wish to visit it. Its growing economy and great attractions such as its streets and restaurants. Even his guided visit to Dragonera Island, a natural resource that houses the great marine life of this island including a collection of lizards and waterfowl. All this is undoubtedly one of the most prominent and attractive places in the Balearic Islands.