With incredible beaches and a population of no more than 300,000 inhabitants, the Port of Alcúdia is quite famous for its crystal clear waters and fine sands. They promote fun and a beautiful place. Being a coastal city its abundance of natural landscapes and marine fauna is unmatched. Its legendary walls and the port allow unforgettable and historical experiences that keep the history of the place alive.

As one of the most widely used ports for trade today, it makes it very easy to import tourism products. It has a lot of relevant sites like the port. It was modified in the Spanish Civil War to have an important enlargement and to serve as a support to the port of Palma.

What to do in the Port of Alcúdia

Sin duda este hermoso puerto cuenta con una gran cantidad de atracciones y entretenimiento para quienes lo visitan. Por ejemplo se puede optar por el alquiler de yates de lujos para navegar sus aguas circundantes. También tienes las largas caminatas por la marina e incluso visitas guiadas al fuerte de la muralla y la capilla de Alcúdia. Sus playas son bastante concurridas al ser de gran extensión, también ofrecen buceo de puerto, así como pesca deportiva. Una de sus principales atracciones son sus distintas fuentes en su centro histórico, estas rodean el mercado principal y fueron creadas en su tiempo para surtir agua dulce de manera constante.


Another interesting event is the annual orchestration in this port, the festival Sant Pere offers the best sporting events in the village with local and international guests. They also have an outdoor concert organisation, buffets and dance areas. Ending on June 29 of each year with a large display of pyrotechnic fires that reflect ocean water.

Gastronomy in Puerto de Alcúdia

Its cuisine is praiseworthy, being a busy port the food is quite varied and international so if you want to try a little of everything you will have the opportunity that this city. The Steakhouse, Chinese, Italian, Indian food are among its dishes of choice for those who want to try the most gourmet dishes in the area. You will also have the traditional Spanish for those who visit this fantastic place for the first time and can take as an option the excellent restaurant Meson los Patos or the Garden Bistro. Who offer novel cuisine. The bars and nightclubs also add to the atmosphere by offering the best cocktail bar and Irish pub atmosphere in the place. The nightly café fulfills this role very well having as main exponent the Café Milano who possesses the best drinks or the Banana Club with the best atmosphere and attention of the city.