Known as the little Pollença, this paradisiacal village of only 15.00 inhabitants is one of the best options in the Balearic Islands. The most iconic of the island of Mallorca, with an incredible culture and rich gastronomy for visitors who experience its tradition and history every year. The splendid nature makes this place a must as a tourist destination with its beaches and iconic constructions full of signs of the Greeks, Cathar and Romans and finally of the Catalans who chose it as their home.

Pollença, a village rich in culture, diversity and gastronomy.

This coastal town is about 14 km from the coast. Part of its history is the anecdote of being one of the first inhabited villages built far from the coast and difficult even for the inhabitants to access. This was done to ward off the regular raids of the pirates that were circulating at that time, and the accesses are currently very easy and invite you to visit the port of Pollensa. The port of Pollensa offers one of the most beautiful tourist excursions within the town due to its large architectural dimensions.

Pollença and its beaches

Pollença has about 16 beaches for the enjoyment of locals and visitors. All with fine sand and crystal clear waters, they offer the most beautiful view of the sea. They have in common that they all have a completely different view of the sea. Some with small stones and coarse sand, others with mountain ranges, some with strong surf and again others with vegetation with abundance. Different alternatives for different tastes.

What to see in Pollença?

As Pollença is one of the villages of Mallorca with the greatest architectural history, there are wonderful and culturally rich places like the Capilla del Calvario and the Convent de Santo Domingo; also the Puig de Maria and the royal castle. An additional attraction is the access to the Sierra de Tramuntana, 90km long, which leads directly to the magnificent MAL PAS vantage point.

With a legendary gastronomy, Pollença offers the best Mediterranean food inspired by its sea products. Its sand prawns and other shrimp species, as well as the dishes based on fresh fish, are applauded by all eaters and are easily available in the seafront restaurants.

On the other hand, the meat cuisine is also worth mentioning, with typical products such as a cold cut called CAMAIOT. There are also famous restaurants offering local dishes. A special plate contains the traditional dark bread, vegetables and pork.

Basically attractive are the “Paellas de langosta” as well as the lobster Mallorca, icons of the village cakes. Among the delicacies is also the fine confectionery offered in the bakeries in the centre of Pollensa. Very famous are the “Crespells” and at Easter time the “Rubiols”.