South of the city centre of Palma is the beautiful Playa de Palma. As you can already see, its name comes from the next city with a population of 16.000 inhabitants.

One of the main attractions are hundreds of bars and cafeterias as well as the proximity to the airport. This makes them easily accessible for all kinds of tourists who are used to visiting them all year round. Its popularity has made it the place of most movement in Mallorca.

Attractiveness and characteristics of Playa de Palma.

with its great attractiveness, this playa lives up to its name. With an incredible number of palm trees and very fine sand it captivates its visitors; these crystal clear waters are well visited and there seems to be a celebratory mood all year round. At any time of the year tourists are used to visiting them and thus dominate the local commerce.

What do you do near Palma?

A big attraction is the FAN-MALLORCA, the biggest shopping centre of Mallorca with shops with the trendy fashion. There are also restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious family meal or a candlelight dinner.

Playa de Palma has an extraordinary PALMA_AQUARIUM, where a wonderful selection of sea creatures contributes to the entertainment of the family. Among these sea creatures, the blue shark stands out; with a depth of 8 metres, this aquarium is one of the largest in Europe, perfectly recreating the ecosystem of the creatures that live there. The aquarium also has 2 cafeterias and souvenir shops that can be visited before leaving.

Other activities include various water sports that stand out for their professional care.

Palma’s Nightlife

There are bars and nightclubs with their local drinks and cocktails. Concerts are frequent; also open-air concerts; which attracts the attention of young people.

This beach is very busy. The nightlife and amusement zones make Playa de Palma a popular place for couples. Nevertheless, there are also family zones and small penetrator zones, as for example Aquapark mi nächsten Ort S´arenal.

Restaurants Playa de Palma

With one of the places, with gastronomic offer directly at the sea, which stands with the highest course of Europe. This playa attracts thousands of Germans, Spaniards and other nationalities with its Mediterranean gastronomy. The traditional “paellas” and grilled seafood are always present. Nevertheless, restaurants with fusion food on the seashore are widespread. Bars with tapas and seafood restaurants specializing in seafood are the day catching specialists for the gourmets who want to enjoy an absolutely fresh fish. Fast food restaurants are usually available as well as all-inclusive hotels. Definitely this beautiful playa has the best near the sea.