Since its foundation in 1593, this beautiful city has had an extremely rich historical and cultural context. His city Palmanova was fortified to repel the attacks against large walls of enemies who frequently wanted to conquer the citadel. It was originally founded by Venice in order to send a clear message that they had the protection of this great walled city for the defense of Christianity. Which was totally threatened by the arrival of Napoleon which caused them to build the third wall to reinforce the wall. When seen from the air, the city forms a perfect nine-pointed star.

Palmanova and its natural beauty.

As one of its main attractions Palmanova has a series of historical contractions in all its splendor. Even the city itself is a beautiful nine-pointed star-shaped structure so it was named in 2017 as a UNESCO heritage site. Its architecture was due to the protection of the center of the city, you can easily appreciate the three main gates that owned the city which have towers that connect them to the walls. Without a doubt a great structure to be admired, the Cathedral in its main square and the Loggia del Mercanti are centers of worship for the locals. The Town Hall Palace or Palazzo del Provveditore Generale built in 1598 form next to the Palace of the Governor in Arms the Great Museum of Military History which offers visitors a grand tour to admire up close all kinds of weapons, documents and accessories from the time when the defense of the city was a priority.

Activities in Palmanova

With a lot of activities this city can offer us a variety of options. The visits and tours of the city’s great wall as well as its embankments can be taken from the very center of the city. Every first week of September takes place the recreation of Palma a las Armas. A staging by local artists, which you can enjoy the interesting war history of the city.

Restaurants in Palmanova

The restaurants in Palmanova are another great attraction. Many offer spa centers for their guests as well include a number of outdoor sports such as golf, climbing, hiking and excursions. Practice water sports such as surfing and deep diving, its beautiful beaches give tourists a rough stretch of sand with places totally adapted for your stay. With nightclubs and bars offering the best drinks in the region, Portals Nous and Magaluf stand out among its dining venues and nightlife. Nearby is the town of Calvià, the haute cuisine and a finesse in its presentation as well as a spectacular attention make it one of the favorites for tourists in the city. My Thai brings together the best of Asian cuisine for those who want to taste some of this culture in this corner of Venice.

Hotels in Palmanova

Palma has a number of hotels to stay in. You can use one with an ocean view and even close to its great wall. On the outskirts you will get stay hotels and cottages where you can be pleasantly and with the best comfort.