With a totally Mediterranean gastronomy the Majorcan food is among the most coveted in all Europe, it is rich in the products of the sea and maintains the quality and variety that the inhabitants and tourists like, being able to appreciate a skillful combination of species and companions next to the fruits of the sea that grant their beautiful coasts, the Majorcan food is totally exuberant and worthy to be named like Novel Cucine.

Variety in Mallorcan cuisine and its characteristics.

Within the Mallorcan cuisine you will be able to appreciate the spices of the island as well as the meat of corral like the pig and the chicken, also they include the totally fresh fish of their ports which plays an important role in the traditional plates, within this great gastronomic variety we can find several typical plates of these islands for example we have the Coca de Trampo, composed mainly of corn flour, butter, eggs, oil and water with a delicious filling of red pepper, corn, onion and a large amount of olive oil, are special to accompany all kinds of thick dishes or as accompaniments to drinks receiving the fresh sea breeze.

Another delicious dish is the Arrós Brut, which consists of a rice in broth with which pork and sausages are slowly sewn as well as mushrooms that over time color the rice in a brown way achieving that color that gives it its name of Arroz Sucio or Arrós Brut. It is perfect to share it on the weekends after long outdoor activities or when family gatherings are held in which one hopes to spend a pleasant moment accompanied by an excellent meal.

A classic Mallorcan is the roast pig, this type of pigs are native to the place white meat and leaner than other races, absorbing better food that provide it which substantially improves its flavor when eaten, the roast is slow and is made to keep the fat completely in the meat so that it does not dry, is usually accompanied by rice and bread thick crust, this type of dish is styled mainly for large feasts or celebrations such as marriages or births among the inhabitants of the islands.

Mallorcan fried food is a centuries-old recipe among the islands. It involves a fried pork dish combined with vegetables from vegetable gardens such as red peppers and spring onions as well as garlic and garlic clover.
Finally we have another classic, the Mallorcan-style snail dish for those who love snails. This dish, which became popular among sailors, has been very well accepted by the inhabitants of the islands.

As we can see, Mallorcan food is a vast variety of options that allow you to get the best of the typical food of these islands and taste it directly, which will leave you with a taste rooted in the place.