If we want to make a trip to the charming Mallorca and therefore want to visit all the villages that compose it we can find the most frequent question.

Which is to know how to save fuel and therefore our money while still reaching our long-awaited travel destination, It is certainly something that worries many and is that there is nothing worse than having to spend more on fuel than properly on our lodging or food, so have some useful tips when visiting the hidden spaces of this beautiful destination.

Five tips that will save you fuel on your trip to Mallorca.

Basically fuel-saving tips should be applied during your vacation, it is advisable that you manage your fuel as well as possible in such a way that there are no mishaps such as unnecessary expenditure or excessive consumption which could lead to stranding, being so we will give you these five tips that based on our criteria could help you with saving fuel considerably during your vacation to Mallorca.

Tip 1: keep the travel route clear,

As we well know how to choose our destination is easy, however it is quite useful to spend enough time on the route to follow, especially if it is one that we are going to travel for the first time, Being lost or traveling the same route twice will only ensure a higher fuel consumption, the bottlenecks are also quite harmful because that proven that burns more fuel in them than during the journey.

Tip 2: Review before traveling

An option that not only covers the fuel savings but the safety of all those traveling with you as well as yours, just make sure you bring it to your trusted service for review, recalls that running with rubbers with 6% less air pressure will cause the drag to be higher and fuel consumption to increase considerably.

Tip 3: more baggage, more expense

If you go on a holiday trip for example it is understandable that you want to take everything you need however you should never take too much, putting extra weight on the vehicle at the time of travel will increase the effort required to move it, causing the fuel to be consumed more quickly, try to carry what you need carefully planning to use during your stay and that you don’t really need or it is easier for you to acquire it in the place.

Tip 4: keep your engine acclimated

Although it might seem difficult to mention a mechanical part certainly is quite simple to do, the engine at stable temperatures without overheating can consume less fuel than when the acceleration is thorough and the temperatures are extremely high, Driving with the car sliding on the road without having to accelerate it too much, it will provide a lower fuel burn and the life of your engine will also benefit, remember not to accelerate, rather resorts to a smooth and relaxed displacement.

Tip 5: Maintain speed with gear change

This is extremely important and easy to do, the idea is to go between gears without stopping the car excessively, you only have to pass them quickly so that in doing so your car does not lose speed and does not need so much the extra starters, This type of advice is special for roads and motorways.