Renting a car to be able to travel during the holidays or when you need to leave the city for a while is something that is quite common today, although not so much when in the middle of the 20th century this idea was catapulted, although it is already common to reach any destination and be able to rent a car without any problems, having innovation even in this century of being able to do it on the web is easy to ask at some point when this idea arose and who was the entrepreneur who conceived this type of business that has spread to all corners of the world.

An idea that would move the world, car rental.

With the first Ford cars T1 model the world began to move, it was undeniable the unbridled boom that had achieved this revolutionary invention at the beginning of the automotive era.

However, thanks to this great advance, the idea of being able to rent these cars to the general public was originated, and according to history the emergence of the T1 models as a means of transport for all was not totally true.

Almost none could afford a car of their own

By that time it was pretty hard to own a car of your own, let alone use it regularly, so even if there were sales in Ford, having a car was elitist and even inaccessible to many, Faced with this dilemma, the idea arose from a man by the name of Josias Ellis Saunders or better known as Joe, a resident of Nebraska.

Who in 1916 decided to publish the Omaha World Herald newspaper his first information about the rental of a Ford T1 car he owned although ironically it was not his property Joe got the acceptance of people immediately so his first customer would be a Salesman who’d like to impress a lady over dinner by taking her in his Ford T1 luxuries.

At that time the charge was 12 cents a mile which was measured by a rudimentary artifact invented by Joe himself, so the growth of his company was remarkable, achieving in just half a year the amount of 18 Ford T1 model in its garage to provide increased service among the inhabitants and newcomers to the locality. 

Boom of Car Rental

After this followed different pioneers in various parts of the country, such as the owner of Rent a Car Walter Jacobs who would build the largest franchise for car rental apart from the Joe, having this finally merger with the Yellow Cab Company, who would considerably expand the business with a strong investment betting on the busiest cities.

Car rental is now fairly easy and practically accessible to everyone, via the internet, at train stations as well as at airports and resorts, This means of having a particular temporary transport has managed to position itself by delivering the best service to those who like Joe’s customers needed an economic and totally efficient transport.