Although most of the Christmas holidays are in cold places sponsoring the season some people wish to go to warmer places at this time of the year but without stopping completely enjoying the Christmas spirit, Mallorca offers this possibility with its incredible festivals and activities to spend an excellent Christmas in the company of family or friends, it has great entertainment and an excellent nightlife for these dates as well as a great variety of food and desserts in the best restaurants in the city.

How to enjoy the best Christmas in Mallorca

Since December 8, Christmas is at its peak in this charming place, one of its main activities and as a method of inaugurating Christmas from the feast celebrated on the same day of the Immaculate Conception, we must also take advantage of the night of the Three Kings a festival that is taken in the peninsula and throughout Spain as one of the most venerated, Traditionally the big nativity scenes with life-size figures are placed in the streets of the different provinces so that they can be seen by tourists, likewise the wise men are placed only until January 6th to demonstrate the birth and the festivity of the child god.
An important feature in Mallorca with the theme of Christmas is the inclusion of the tradition of Santa Claus which has gained an important amount of followers because of the different tourists who arrive with the illusion of a different Christmas without losing their beliefs. This is why it is customary to give Christmas presents on December 25th so that the children who enter school immediately after the king can have the opportunity to enjoy their Christmas presents for a longer time.

Among the activities you can enjoy on this island at Christmas you have the visits to the chapels which decorate these temples with a Christmas theme leaving them with those airs of the season that can only be seen in the movies, it also has passages, among them we can mention the Mass of Callao and the celebration in the Church of Palma which give beautiful carols for its visitors.
The fireworks are something totally spectacular, they are surely prepared with great care by the authorities in the matter that fill the sky in specific nights to delight the millions of tourists with the colors on the sea, the music of the concerts and the animated nights with local live presentations give the beginning of the festivities in the nation, the traditional bells of the new year and the grapes distributed among the presents to eat it with each bell are a tradition of prosperity for the beginning of the year, The hotels and bars show off the festivities with delicious traditional banquets with sweets and desserts according to the December season. The sharing of the innkeepers who usually serve punch for those who want to have something pleasant on Christmas night or enjoy the festivities and fireworks on the island will make you appreciate this magical time that will fill your life and that of your loved ones with happiness.