As one of the first tourist urbanisations in Mallorca, Cala D’or or the Bay of Gold was built around 1933. With their magnificent buildings with style of Pep Costa; absolutely flat houses with color white; an incomparable style.

Cala D’or has one of the best beaches for Tourists and various historical places and monuments that preserve part of the culture and tradition. Without a doubt, it is a place strongly recommended by those who want to experience beautiful surroundings and crystal clear waters.

Cala D’or, the golden coasts of Mallorca

With only 3886 inhabitants, this beautiful bay is one of the small corners of Mallorca’s history, outstanding for its monuments and large buildings. For example2 La Marina de Cala d`or “, the marina built around 1969 to create a natural entrance to the port.

We highlight the church of the Plaza de Higuera, a small Anglican community that preserves its customs on the island. Another interesting point are the streets of the place, which are absolutely dedicated to commerce, the most important C/ Belgica and C/ Amdreu.

Attractions in Cala D´OR

One of the attractions is certainly the mini-train of the city, which takes the guests from one end of the city to the other. In this way you can enjoy a cultural tour and identify with the place. We should use all natural sites for hiking and the port f¨r water sports. Also the bazaars and shopping streets; they are a real attraction.

Parque Natural de Mondrago
The Mondrago Natural Park has an incomparable number of beaches and coves where you can practice surfing, diving and snorkelling. We also count on routes for walks in green zones, typical of the natural park, and you can also make a guided visit to the medieval castle of the aforementioned city. Another event is the possibility of horseback riding over large areas of the Nature Park.

Restaurants inCala D`Or

The majority of the restaurants in Cala D’or have a wide variety of dishes that are focused on the typical Mediterranean cuisine of the area, and even if you can try different Klasswn of cuisine, some of them have the approval of King Juan Carlos, which proves their high standard. Among them is the restaurant ” Rucula del Puerto”, which offers an excellent variety of seafood-based dishes, and the restaurant ” Port Petit “.

The dinners have a high level of the best way to choose fresh local products. ” Paella ” is one of its top dishes, as well as seafood and pork loin “summery”. Finally, we would like to mention the restaurant “HPC” with its unique menu for crabs and lobsters as well as plates with molecular cuisine. This is for guests who like to experiment.

Hotels in Cala D`or

Its coastal hotels underline the beauty of the beaches. Various promotions can offer spa and relaxation centres as well as open-air exercises.