Considered one of the jewels of Mallorca, this splendid village of Andratx is located in a valley of the Sierra Tramuntana. It is one of the oldest villages of the island is surrounded by a unique beauty; partly due to large proportions of vegetation as well as the mountains. Surrounded by coasts and valleys, it is a small paradise for those who want to spend beautiful moments with family and friends.


With only 10.00 inhabitants, this village decided to stay away from the tireless attacks of the pirates of the 16th century. This led to partial isolation and the construction of watchtowers along the entire coast. The old village centre and the narrow streets make the village a unique architectural and cultural part, which makes the village shine through the exhibition of these historical monuments. The church of Santa Maria of Andratx and the tower of Sona Gaia, together with the mills of Sa Galeta, give this important historical background that everyone expects when visiting. The largest art gallery in the Balearic Islands is also worth a visit. Sa Coma- Andratx, the centre of contemporary art, is one of the most magnificent buildings in the world. With almost 4,000 square meters, it offers a facility integrated into the natural environment, offering not only incredible exhibitions, but also courses of artistic promotion, for those interested in the artistic culture of the place. They offer places of artistic development, since large parts of the geography are completely uninhabited.

Andratx, attraction of interest

Even though it is one of the most famous places due to the different surroundings of the island, it is not the most frequent destination. Therefore, it makes a visit to its beaches and islands more interesting. The port of Andratx also contributes to the various attractions of this magnificent place. Here, the attraction also lies with the various restaurants and bars of the place. You can rent the different luxury yachts that are offered. Sport fishing with a professional guide is also offered.
The harbour also has a promenade with terraces with sea views, boutiques
and exquisite dishes of the upscale cuisine in the restaurants.
Another famous place are the naturally formed small islands. These are not inhabited and thus preserve the wildlife and flora both on land and in the sea without human intervention. To observe the islands from a distance, walks are recommended.